Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Football team concedes 227 goals in 11 defeats

Madron FC have lost all 11 games of the season, let in 227 goals and has just scored only twice. They struggle to field the 11-man full team but the club refuse to give in. Boss Alan Davenport, 68, said they are "probably the worst team in Britain" but added: "It would be easy to give up but we'll fight on."

The worst game had the result saying a 55-0 drubbing, however, for which the team mustered seven players but no goalie ("One lad did stand between the posts," says Davenport, "but he spent the game chatting to his mates"), things could be looking up. In the following game, Madron lost 22-0 – but they fielded 12 players, and the goalie saved two penalties.

"Today alone, I had calls from three lads who want to play with us," says Davenport. "22-0 isn't brilliant. But it's 33 goals better than last time. This weekend, we might get a point. We're not giving up."

Incredibly, there is another team below them in Mining League Division Two, after they had points deducted for not turning up to a match.

The Madron FC team

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