Friday, 5 April 2013

Top cop's house used as cannabis factory

Top cop's house used as cannabis factory

A CRIME gang used a house owned by one of Britain’s top police officers as a cannabis factory, it has emerged.

Drug dealers grew thousands of pounds of super-strong “skunk” plants under the nose of Rod Jarman, a Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner.

The officer rented out the four-bed house through an online letting agent to a British man with a Chinese or Vietnamese name, who provided proof of identity and bank details.

Later, alerted to strange noises by neighbours, Mr Jarman visited the house, in Abridge, Essex, and found it filled with plants and equipment for growing the class B drug

The gang had run up a £20,000 electricity bill and caused an estimated £48,000 of damage.

Mr Jarman told the Mirror: “Despite 31 years’ experience of policing I didn’t see it coming.“It is an absolutely awful thing for people to find their home has been destroyed for somebody else’s illegal gain.” Police in England and Wales uncover about 20 cannabis factories every day and last year officers and customs seized 1.3 million plants worth £150 million.

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